The Better Way to E – Sign

We use blockchain technology to make a permanent “fingerprint” of the exact contents, time and date of digital files

•  Prove when a photo was taken

•  Prove when a document was signed

•  Prove that a document is authentic

Verify documents or photos years later — no account required!

Document Storage, Digital Signature and Permanently Verifiable Records | DocumentConnex | Blockchain App
Access from anywhere with your browser, or our Easy to Use Apps
Access from anywhere with your browser, or our Easy to Use Apps

Works With Many Types of Files

PDF Files

JPG Photos

PNG Photos

Blockchain Document Storage, Signing, and Verification | DocumentConnex

DOC/DOCX Documents

TXT Records

TIF Images

Why Is It “Better”?

3 Simple Reasons

More Ways to Verify

More Ways to Verify

Most other e-signing apps require you to have an account with them to verify your documents.

But our app allows you to verify your documents or photos with no account!

In addition, our app uses at least 2 different blockchains for verification.  This means you can also easily verify your documents or photos on many blockchain explorer websites.

More Secure

More Secure

Most other e-signing apps store the information needed to verify your documents in their own systems.

Their systems can get hacked.  But we use blockchains for storage, which are virtually impossible to hack.

And only a digital “fingerprint” of your files is stored on the blockchains.  Your documents and photos are never shared with anyone!

More File Types

More File Types

Most other e-signing apps focus on PDFs.

Our app handles PDFs too, but our app is specifically designed to handle both documents and photos.

In addition to PDFs, DocumentConnex also supports Microsoft Word documents, text records, TIF images, JPG photos, and PNG images.

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How It Works

DocumentConnex is Easy to Use – Just 3 Steps!

Sign Documents The Way You Want

Sign Documents The Way You Want


Lots of ways to get your documents signed

·  Take a picture on your phone or digital camera
·  Have a document signed in your office
·  Share the document using Clio or RocketMatter
·  Share the document using OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, and others
·  Email or fax the document or photo

Import Your Documents or Photos

Import Your Documents or Photos


Lots of ways to import documents and photos

· Upload files using your browser
· Upload directly from your phone using our app
· Upload from your computer using our desktop app
· Import directly from Clio or RocketMatter
· Import directly from OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and others

Verification Certificates Emailed to You

Verification Certificates Emailed to You


Certificates verifying every document and photo

· DocumentConnex will automatically email a certificate to you
· The certificate provides the verification information
· You can also download your certificate inside the app


<strong>Tamper-Proof Authentication</strong>

Tamper-Proof Authentication

Each file you submit gets a unique “fingerprint,” giving you permanent and easily verifiable proof of authenticity – years or even decades later!

Private, Confidential, Secure

Our systems are locked down with encryption both in transit and at rest. Your files are never shared with anyone, or visible to anyone

Easy to Use

Easily upload documents, photos or other files from your computer, phone, or tablet. Import files directly from your preferred cloud storage platform.

Proof Positive

Each document or photo gets a certificate authenticating it.  You don’t need an account with us to verify a document or photo.

Perfect for any job

Important contracts, wills or other testamentary documents, or even photos – our app can do it all!

Powered by Blockchain

Permanent blockchain “fingerprints” prove the exact date, time, and content of your documents or photos.

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Basic subscription $12

/ month

Permanently Record or Digitally "Sign" Any Document, Photo, or Other File

Includes up to 25 Digital Signings Per Month

Cancel at Any Time

Unused Signings Expire Each Month

Works with Clio, RocketMatter, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, DropBox Business, Google Drive

Access Anywhere Using Your Internet Browser

Mobile and Desktop Apps Also Available

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Additional signings $5

/ per Add'l 25 Signings

Requires Basic Subscription Account

Unused Digital Signings Expire Each Month

Easily Add More Digital Signing Bundles

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