Effortless E-Signing

E-Sign documents by text/SMS, social media, our email system or yours

Fully compliant with ESIGN, UETA, other laws

Make your important documents permanently verifiable using our blockchain recording feature

Photos, videos, and audio recordings can also be made permanently verifiable

Electronic Signature App to Sign Documents Online
Electronic Signature App to Sign Documents Online | Esign App
Also Available On-Device

Works With Many Types of Files

PDF Files

Audio Files

Video Files

Electronic Signature App Software | DocumentConnex




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Why Choose

DocumentConnex is not just another e-signing app.

Most e-signing apps don’t let you sign documents by:

  •  Text/SMS messaging
  •  Social media messaging
  •  Your own email account

But this is easy with DocumentConnex.

In addition, unlike other e-signing apps, DocumentConnex makes your important documents, videos, photos, audio recordings, or other digital files permanently verifiable.

Verify documents and other files years later — no account required!

Permanently Verifiable

DocumentConnex uses blockchain technology to make a permanent record of the exact contents, time, and date of digital files.

This means documents and other files can be verified as authentic years or even decades later.

•  Prove when a photo, audio file, or video was taken or recorded

•  Prove the exact contents of a document, when it was signed, and who signed it

•  Prove that a document or other electronic file is authentic

•  Undeniable audit trails and versioning histories

Contracts, wills, powers of attorney, and other important legal documents can be altered after signature.

Photos, videos, and audio recordings can also be changed after the fact.

But not with DocumentConnex!

How It Works

DocumentConnex is Easy to Use – Just 3 Steps!

Import Your Files Quickly and Easily

Import Your Files Quickly and Easily


Lots of ways to import documents, photos, videos, audio files

· Upload files using your browser

· Upload directly from your phone using our app

· Upload from your computer using our desktop app

· Import directly from Clio, Practice Panther, Rocket Matter, or ActionStep

· Import directly from OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and others

Sign Documents The Way You Want

Sign Documents The Way You Want


Lots of ways to get your documents signed

·  Easily use our built-in e-signing feature to get your documents signed over the internet

·   Have documents signed our email, or using text/SMS messaging, social media messaging, or using your own email account

·  Take a picture on your phone or digital camera

·  Have a document signed in your office

·  Share the document using Clio, Rocket Matter, Practice Panther, or ActionStep

·  Share the document using OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, and others

·  Email or fax the document or photo

Certificates Verifying Every File

Certificates Verifying Every File


Certificates verifying every document, photo, audio or video file

· Automatically emails a certificate to you

· The certificate provides the verification information

· Our app automatically saves the certificate with your document or photo

· You can also download your certificate inside the app