Blockchain E-Signing

Make your important documents permanently verifiable using our blockchain recording feature

Photos, videos, and audio recordings can also be made permanently verifiable

E-Sign documents by text/SMS, social media, or email

Fully compliant with ESIGN and UETA

Electronic Signature App to Sign Documents Online | Esign App
Also Available On-Device

Why Choose

DocumentConnex makes your important documents, videos, photos, audio recordings, or other digital files permanently verifiable.

Verify documents and other files years later — no account required!

DocumentConnex is not just another e-signing app.

Most e-signing apps don’t let you sign documents by:

  •  Text/SMS messaging
  •  Social media messaging
  •  Your own email account

But this is easy with DocumentConnex.


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Works With Many Types of Files

PDF Files

Audio Files

Video Files

Electronic Signature App Software | DocumentConnex




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How It Works

DocumentConnex is Easy to Use – Just 3 Steps!

Import Your Files Quickly and Easily

Import Your Files Quickly and Easily


Lots of ways to import documents, photos, videos, audio files

· Upload files using your browser

· Upload directly from your phone using our app

· Upload from your computer using our desktop app

· Import directly from Clio, Practice Panther, Rocket Matter, or ActionStep

· Import directly from OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and others

Sign Documents The Way You Want

Sign Documents The Way You Want


Lots of ways to get your documents signed

·  Easily use our built-in e-signing feature to get your documents signed over the internet

·   Have documents signed our email, or using text/SMS messaging, social media messaging, or using your own email account

·  Take a picture on your phone or digital camera

·  Have a document signed in your office

·  Share the document using Clio, Rocket Matter, Practice Panther, or ActionStep

·  Share the document using OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, and others

·  Email or fax the document or photo

Certificates Verifying Every File

Certificates Verifying Every File


Certificates verifying every document, photo, audio or video file

· Automatically emails a certificate to you

· The certificate provides the verification information

· Our app automatically saves the certificate with your document or photo

· You can also download your certificate inside the app