Permanently Verifiable Documents

Eliminate forgeries, prove when a photo was taken, and much more!

We use blockchain technology to create a permanent record of digital files.

Your documents, photos, or other files can be verified as authentic years or even decades later.

Document Storage, Digital Signature and Permanently Verifiable Records | DocumentConnex | Blockchain App
Available in Easy to Use On-Device Apps
Available in Easy to Use On-Device Apps

Works With Many Types of Files

PDF Files

JPG Photos

PNG Photos

Blockchain Document Storage, Signing, and Verification | DocumentConnex

DOC/DOCX Documents

TXT Records

TIF Images


Easy to Use

Just upload the document, photo, or other file you want to process.  Our app handles the rest!

<strong>Private and Confidential</strong>

Private and Confidential

Your documents and other files are not visible to anyone else.

Certificates verifying every document

Each time you process a document or other file, you get a Certificate authenticating it. 

Uses blockchain technology

Establish a permanent record of documents, photos, and other files!

Perfect for any job

Important contracts, wills or other testamentary documents, or even photos — our app can do it all!


Our systems are locked down with encryption in transit and at rest. 

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Basic subscription $7

/ month

Permanently Record or "Sign" Any Document, Photo, or Other File

Includes up to 25 Signings Per Month

Cancel at Any Time

Unused Signings Expire Each Month

Works with Clio, RocketMatter, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, DropBox Business, Google Drive

Access Anywhere Using Your Internet Browser

Mobile and Desktop Apps Also Available

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Additional signings $5

/ per Add'l 25 Signings

Requires Basic Subscription Account

Unused Signings Expire Each Month

Easily Add More Signing Bundles

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