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<strong>Tamper-Proof Authentication</strong>

Tamper-Proof Authentication

Each file you submit gets a unique “fingerprint,” giving you permanent and easily verifiable proof of authenticity – years or even decades later!

Many Ways to E-Sign

E-Sign documents by text/SMS, social media, or email.  

Perfect for any job

Important contracts, wills or other testamentary documents, photos, emails, and even audio and video recordings – our app can do it all!

Easy to Use

Easily upload files from your computer, phone, or tablet.
Import files directly from your preferred cloud storage platform.

Private, Confidential, Secure

Our systems are locked down. Your files are never shared with anyone, or visible to anyone.

Proof Positive for Anyone

Each digital file gets a certificate authenticating it.  You don’t need an account with us to verify the digital file.

Powered by Blockchain

Permanent blockchain “fingerprints” prove the exact date, time, and content of your digital files.

Access from anywhere with your browser, or our Easy to Use Apps
Access from anywhere with your browser,
or our Easy to Use Apps

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Works With Many Types of Files

PDF Files

Audio Files

Video Files

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